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2D – Animation

/2D – Animation

BASF: Creating strong connections for wind energy

Wind is an important source for renewable energy. Wind turbines have become important generators for electricity. Masterflow Wind Turbine Grouts of BASF anchor wind turbines onshore and offshore safely and durably. They connect the tower with the foundation - a crucial point in the whole installation. BASF experts have been working closely with wind energy [...]

3D Animationen unseres Partners „3D Maximal“


3D Animationen "Graphics for TV and broadcast can be functional, explanatroy, epic, artistic, or everything else. Fine attention to detail and customer service are our number-one priority. Our very high retention rate demonstrates: customers who start with us, stay with us!" Motion Graphics With our full-service capabilities we handle your projects through every step: from concept to [...]

Motion Graphics unseres Partners Stephan Gruschke

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Motion Graphics Stephan Gruschke Since 1995 Stephan has been working on movies, commercials, documentaries, visualizations, apps and games for multiple clients and Studios. He realized projects for, but not limited to: Adidas, ARD, BASF, Braun, CIC, Citroën, Siemens MED, Bayer, ESA,Ferrero, GEO, Roche, Mercedes Benz, Nestle, Neckermann, Opel, 20th Century Fox, Proctor & Gamble, SAT.1, [...]

Motion Design unseres Partners „We Can Dance“


MOTION DESIGN ist eine spezielle Art von Animation. Motion-Design oder auch Motion Graphics ist die audiovisuelle Gestaltung von Bewegtbild durch Typografie und Grafik-Design. Quelle: wikipedia Jeder begegnet Motion Design im alltäglichen Leben, wenn man zum Beispiel den Fernseher anschaltet und die Animation des Senderlogos sieht. Das ist bereits Motion Design. Zusätzlich gehört zu Motion Design Produktanimationen, Logoanimationen [...]